Micro Courses For Hearing Care

Learn on is the ultimate solution to your annual continuing educational needs. Short, content-dense courses with relevant information presented in an easy-to-watch format! Bite-sized courses you can complete during your lunch hour, with progress saved as you go.



15 to 30 Minutes

Region Specific Content

Certificate Awarded

Why Micro Courses?

Most micro courses are 15 to 30 minutes in duration. These are short, compact learning solutions used to develop or enhance specific competencies, while also satisfying continuing education requirements for many regulators and associations. Micro courses can be quickly updated for topics like insurance billing, where only the most up-to-date information has value.

Lunchtime Learning

Micro courses make it easy for learners to digest content in small, manageable chunks. This format allows for better retention and understanding of the material.

Easy to Finish

Access the content on any device and complete the courses at your own pace, fitting them into your day whenever you have some spare time.


Courses focus on providing practical knowledge and skills that can be directly applied in clinical situations. We aim to empower our learners with tools they can use immediately.

Region-Specific Courses!

Learn On memberships will include micro course content which is globally relevant, but also regional content. Examples include billing codes, regulation, compliance, labour mobility, and regulation courses.


What does being in [BETA] mean?

Beta is a term for an early version of a program, usually to do with software. Beta products are released to a limited number of users to test a new product. Beta users are able to access the software for free as a way of thanking them for their assistance in testing and improving the program.

This is precisely where LearnOn is right now. We are doing something different in the hearing healthcare educational space. We want to create a unique offering of online content to help hearing care providers stay relevant and meet their continuing education requirements. Instead of waiting until we have a large course library to launch we are launching with a small start-up library and encouraging members to join and provide feedback on what they like, what they don’t like, and what they want to see next!

Is all the content region specific?

Some courses will have a broad enough topic to be shared across all regions, while most others, especially product or industry updates, will be available only in specific regions.

Do these courses provide certification?

At the end of each course, you will be able to download a Certificate of Completion.   

Does this course offer closed captioning?

Yes, English captions can be switched on or off throughout the course.