Consulting For Hearing Care

We offer independent, customized, peer-based consulting to help keep you going in the right direction!

Why Choose Us?

As experienced hearing healthcare professionals, we provide a variety of independent business consulting services to professionals looking to go out on their own or expand in the field. 

Unlike many consultants in the sector, we are not tied to or getting paid by hearing aid manufacturers. We look at your situation with only your best interests in mind. We have been there ourselves.

We offer consulting based on your needs. After your initial consultation, you will receive ongoing advice and consultation as needed, on an hourly basis.

Business Support for Independent Clinics

Kris Hewitt is an experienced independent practice consultant. He has been trusted by many in the most stressful and successful times of their lives, and he has a keen interest in encouraging hearing care professionals to work for themselves.

Areas of Specialization:

Acquisition, Succession & Greenfields:
Whether you are looking to start your own practice, purchase your boss’ clinic, or looking to sell your practice, we have the experience and expertise to support you through the process. Hire a professional and avoid the common pitfalls that so many business owners experience.