Audiology Research

We seek collaboration and partnership to enable innovation, progress, and growth in the field of audiology for the betterment of the hearing impaired.

Our Research Services

Pacific Audiology Group provides research services to scientists, professional researchers, product manufacturers, universities, and other organizations. We can help bring projects in the hearing healthcare sector to life. You are the expert in your area of research, but think of us as tools you need to help get it finished.

Clinic Expertise

We provide clinical expertise on hearing health care and the feasibility and appropriateness of the research methodology.

Seeking Collaboration

Research projects have unique requirements. We work closely with your team to achieve your goals. From design to publishing, we can help with any aspect of your project.


Ethical Adherence

We work in alignment with ethical boards and will ensure our methodology is in agreement with current best practices, maintaining the health and safety of participants first and foremost. 

Our Research Team Members

We have a wide and well-rounded network of research affiliates. This will be selected depending on your project’s requirements and focus.

We are always looking to expand our network of research affiliates.


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