Educational Audiology

Educational settings present a unique challenge for hearing accessibility. Our team is trained on the latest systems and protocol to optimize communication accessibility.

Cerumen Management Services

Are you a facility or government organization looking for cerumen management? We provide community/facility cerumen management clinics for hire.

Environmental Acoustics Assessment

Large open spaces like classrooms, gyms, lecture halls and modern workplaces can result in excessive background noise, sometimes at hazardous levels. We can work with your facility to do an acoustic assessment and create a plan to remove communication barriers in your facility.

Locum Services

Providing comprehensive locum services to your clinics with an able, certified, insured Hearing Care Professional. Providing you peace of mind when you are on a much-deserved holiday or an extra set of hands when things are busy.

Note: Due to covid this service is currently only offered in the BC Lower Mainland.


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