A Comprehensive Course on Infection Control for Hearing Care Professionals

This course is designed for Hearing Care Professionals working in a clinical environment. It focuses on infection control best practices, customized for hearing care. The content covers several aspects of infection control, including common pathogens, standard precautions, methods, and equipment. A full review of an infection control plan along with a template is included. A special section is dedicated to pandemics and outbreaks, as well as situations unique to audiology and hearing care.  

This course focuses on current best practices and is designed to give the student the ability to learn from home independently and at their own pace. Duration is approximately 2 hours, including quizzes for assessment and to check your understanding throughout the course. Upon completion, a Certificate of Completion is available. 

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Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1 (THEORY & BACKGROUND) – By completing this course you will gain the theoretical knowledge behind infection control and understand the historical role of infectious disease, and importance it played in the development of infection control as we know it today.  

Learning Objective 2 (EQUIPMENT & TECHNIQUE) – By completing this course you will learn extensively about the tools which are used for infection control, how they are used, and which ones are best suited for the audiology clinic.  

Learning Objective 3 (APPLICATION) – By completing this course you will learn how to apply content to your workplace immediately, walking away with a customized infection control template. 

Benefits of Taking This Course

Save Time

Simplify your practice with our template

Stay Compliant

Infection Control has changed over the years.

Workplace Health

Proper Infection Control decreases workplace illness


I. Introduction to Infection Control
Define infection control and review the history and the development of infection control as a field of microbiology. Discuss relevance to audiology and hearing care. 

II. Pathogens
Review the details of disease, the function of the immune system, and the process of infection. Provide details on the most common pathogens encountered in hearing healthcare.   

III. Precautions 
An overview of the standard precautions used in healthcare as well as additional precautions, and the process for determining when those additional precautions are warranted. 

IV. Methods & Equipment
A thorough review of equipment commonly used for infection control. This includes cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization with a specific focus on equipment specific to hearing healthcare. 

IV. Infection Control Policy
Download our infection control template and follow along step-by-step. Learn about each component and how to tailor the plan to your hearing care workplace setting, and your staff. 

V. Pandemics &Outbreaks
Special situations warrant special focus with infection control. Here we discuss how Covid-19 has changed infection control protocols in hearing care, and how to modify infection control processes and protocols for this unique situation.   

VII. Unique Situations to Audiology 
A review of some specific processes in audiology and our recommendations for infection control best practices. Tips and tricks for the clinic are provided here.  


Customizable Infection Control Plan

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