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A comprehensive course on ear mold impression taking, designed for Hearing Care Professionals and related Supportive Personnel.

This course is designed for Hearing Care Professionals and Supportive Personnel. It focuses on the main methods of taking earmold impressions using the syringe or gun. The content covers all aspects of earmold impression taking, including ear anatomy, earmold impression history and theory, infection control, equipment training, client assessment, technique, documentation and discharge. What sets this course apart from other programs are the high-quality video demonstrations. This course features filmed equipment reviews and technique demonstrations which are used to effectively and safely take earmold impressions. 

This course focuses on current best practices and is designed to give the student the ability to learn from home independently and at their own pace. Duration is approximately 3 hours in length, including quizzes for assessment and to check your understanding throughout the course. Upon completion, a Certificate of Completion is available.   

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Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1 (THEORY & BACKGROUND) – By completing this course you will gain the theoretical knowledge necessary to safely take ear mold impressions. This includes ear anatomy, common conditions of the external ear, pathophysiology of impression taking, needs and risk assessment of your client, and documentation.

Learning Objective 2 (EQUIPMENT & TECHNIQUE) – By completing this course you will learn extensively about the tools which are used for ear mold impression taking as well as techniques to safely use these. Includes lightingotoblocks, impression materials, bracing, bite blocks, syringes and impression guns, as well as furniture

Learning Objective 3 (PROFESSIONALISM) – By completing this course you will learn about the ethical issues of informed consent and infection control as they pertain to earmold impression taking. You will understand that the scope of practice for taking earmold impressions can vary based on your professional designation, regulatory body, and geographic region, and you will understand the importance of staying within your scope of practice.

Benefits of Taking This Course

Save Time

Train support personnel to take EMIs and save valuable clinic time.

Increase Client Satisfaction

High-quality impressions lead to high-quality products.

Reduce Remakes

EMI training reduces unnecessary remakes, saving you money.

Course Preview


I. General Impressions General Information
A historical review of EMIs, their purpose and evolution over time, and discussion on scope of practice.

II. Ear Anatomy & Physiology
Review of ear anatomy, focusing on anatomy specific to impressions. Review of common conditions of the outer ear.

III. Infection Control
Review best practices in infection control as pertaining to ear impressions, including hand hygiene and sterilization vs. disinfection vs. cleaning.

IV. Equipment
A thorough review of all equipment commonly used for impression-taking. This includes lighting & magnification, placement tools, otoblocks, impression materials, syringes & guns, office furniture, and future technology. Here we feature video equipment reviews.  

V. Client Assessment
This section reviews the following pre-impression topics: needs assessment, informed consent, risk assessment & management, contraindications, and technique selection

VI. Methods
Here we review all aspects of the actual impression-taking process, with a clear focus on technique. Includes: bracing, otoblock selection and placement, bite block placement, gun vs. syringe material loading and injection, cure time, removal, inspection of impression, and the post-removal ear exam.

VII. Documentation & Discharge
A review of the post-impression process, including end product fitting, addressing remakes, and proper documentation.


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Featured Course Contributor

Jocelyn Romano, Audiometric Technician, HIP Student

Jocelyn Romano, Audiometric Technician, HIP Student

Jocelyn brings six valuable years of the front office and support personnel experience to this course. She helped build and grow a rural startup clinic into a successful, busy, full-time location, independently managing all aspects of operations. Her passion for hearing care led to her taking on more than administrative work. She was easily trained in earmold impressions, assistive listening device support, and diagnostic hearing tests for an ENT, and has acted in that role since 2017. Jocelyn also performs hearing screenings, operates community events, performs orientation on hearing aid fittings, and fitting of hearing protection products. She is passionate about the role of support personnel and training them to the highest level of service, practice and confidence Jocelyn was inspired to climb the hearing healthcare ladder and has completed her studies through MacEwan University to become a Hearing Instrument Practitioner. Through her studies, Jocelyn realized that there was not enough support and training around earmold impression taking, and so she has wanted to contribute to Pacific Audiology Group’s virtual Comprehensive Earmold Impressions course, which will support this practice for people of all levels, especially support personnel.